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    I read at this site:

    about bypassing activation. I have pre 2 As you know from forum directories. So when i turn on my phone after using WebOS Doctor 2.2.4 i have writed on this small qwerty keyboard "#*" and phoning keyboard appeard. so I continued, but I was unable to write "#*DEVMODE#" because numbers appeard. So I don't know what to do. Please help me If I do something wrong or tell me how to activate phone if I have error "This may be due to low network...". I don't have orginall SIM card.

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    '#*DEVMODE#' = '#*3386633#' on your phone app. It works w. or w/o the SIM.

    Good Luck.
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    My Pre3 have not signal . Everything is ok but I can not use any kind of data connection. therefore I can sign my webOS account. I use #*3386633# to Bypassing activation but... my problem continues ... Any body can help me?

    Thanks from Mexico
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    Also try ##3386633#, or use the activation bypass tool.

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