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    Is this possible in 2.2.4 or is it something that still needs more time to make possible with the current update.
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    I think it does in device menu, doesn't it? If that's not enough for you, there is battery widget in homebrew subforum, which works great for monitoring battery level.

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    Yes it is available and you can control it with Tweaks.
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    As Loiter said... if you go to Preware, there's a patch for it under "topbar", I believe, and you can use Tweaks to change it up.
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    Thanks, Newmann, but I didn't see it. Anyone have more specific info? What I'd really like is the old Battery As Percent patch from 1.4.5 or an equivalent.
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    Battery Percent as Icon is a 2.2.3 patch that sitll works fine. You have to use Apptuckerbox and ignore device to get it, but it works fine.
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    Just saw the 2.2.4 version in Preware and installed it. Great to have it back!!

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