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    Hey all. Im usually pretty good at finding what I need through browsing, but I cant seem to find my exact issue.

    I have a pre 2 on Verizon. When I type I can hear a "crinkle" sound when I press the A or the P keys. Almost as if there is a thin plastic film underneath. It is not the normal click sound the other keys make. It usually makes the sound more pronounced if I have not used the keyboard for a period of time (5-30 minutes or so). I do not remember my pre plus doing this. When in a quiet room it is rather annoying to hear it over and over when typing a long message/email.

    I hope I'm describing it properly. Thanks in advance!

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    I think I understand what you say. I had a similar problem and it was very annoying. I thought that the keyboard started to fall apart.
    Miraculously it stopped doing it after some days. I don't know why.
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    maybe take the phone apart. And realign the keyboard or check for anything under it. tuts on webosinternals.
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    I know I sound like an *****, but I'm COMPLETELY new. Can any of you tell me how to post a thread?
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    yeah i would rather not take my brand new phone apart. anyone else know what I'm talking about or have this issue? I'm hoping there is a break in period, but as mentioned before, my other Pre did not do this.

    As for scratchNsniff....please dont hijack my thread like that.
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    Try these solutions:

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