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    I had my Pre2 and TouchPad both syncing to an Exchange Active Sync server at work just fine. When I moved from a Pre+ to the Pre2 the EAS settings were copied across ok from my Palm profile, so presumably these settings are in the cloud somewhere.

    A couple of months ago the Exchange server was moved to a different data centre so its IP address changed. Rather than modify the old account, I instead deleted it and again everything seems to be working fine; however my router at home is complaining that both my Pre2 and TouchPad are still making hundreds of UDP connections a second to the old IP address of the server. There is no reference to that server anywhere in either device, so I'm at a loss as to why it is still trying to reach it.

    Any ideas?


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    No idea, but if its creating unnecessary logs and annoyances you can take care of that IP in the hosts file (/etc/hosts) - as long as no other needed services will use it. It wont kill the UDP calls but will quiet things down on the router.

    If you edit hosts, make a note of it somewhere so you dont pull hairs out trying to reach that IP in the future. And tell us if and how you resolved it.

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