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    I have had this phone for less than 2 months, bought it used off ebay and it seemed to work perfectly at first. But lately, I'd say in the past 2-3 weeks, it's not behaving properly and I'm not sure what to do.

    Main thing is I am not getting text messages. I think this happened before either on this phone, or possibly a Pixi, and I rebooted and it was all good. Now that does nothing, I just am flat out not receiving text messages from family that I know are sending them. (I'm on PagePlus/VZW and I do still get texts from my daughter who also has PagePlus as a provider).

    Secondly, I'm in an infinite loop trying to load the map program. It still says Google Maps on the menu, so when I try to use it, a message comes up telling me to d/l the 'new' Maps, but if I do that, it recognizes it's already been downloaded and gives me the option to launch it, click on Launch and it starts repeating cycle of requests. (It did this on a Pixi also, but after a few tries and rebooting it fixed itself).

    Lastly, and possibly the cause of all the prob(?), under 'System->Accounts', it lists

    Palm Profile

    when I select Palm Profile the screen is muted and I cannot edit or remove anything at all.

    I logged in to my account and it shows my HP touch tablet and Palm Pre 2 as the devices associated with my profile, which should be correct. Phone's os shows 2.1.0

    I do have a couple of Pixi phones running but they are not associated with the same email/profile.

    I am not experienced webOS user, but can anyone suggest what I might try to get my phone working again? (calls come through fine).

    Thank you!!
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    Kathy, I would just run the webos doctor for your device. All the problems should clean up if not its probably a hardware issue and you should possibly be able to get a replacement.

    Download webOS Doctor
    From your computer’s web browser, go to and sign in to your HP webOS Account.
    If you are asked for your webOS account credentials and don’t know them, see I forgot or need to change my HP webOS Account credentials .

    Select Device Options at the right end of the line showing the device details for the webOS device you want webOS for.
    Select Get webOS Doctor. The Java version of your computer is checked. Select Continue if you have Java 1.5 or later, or Need to install Java if you need a more recent version.
    Select Download webOS Doctor.
    When prompted, save the webOS Doctor application to your computer.
    4. Run webOS Doctor
    When the webOS Doctor application has finished downloading to your computer, it launches automatically. (If webOS Doctor does not start automatically, double-click the webOS Doctor file.) Select the language you selected on your device, and click Next.
    Confirm your language choice.
    Click Accept to accept the terms of use.
    Click Next. webOS Doctor checks your system.
    After webOS Doctor finishes checking your system, follow the onscreen instructions and connect your device to your computer using the USB cable. You must connect your device directly to your computer, not through a USB hub or other intermediate device.
    If your battery is less than 30 percent charged, a message displays indicating that webOS Doctor needs to charge the battery before proceeding. Charging the battery may require up to an hour.

    After connecting your webOS device to the computer, if a window appears instructing you to download and install a driver, select OK in the bottom-right corner. Nothing is installed. Selecting OK simply bypasses the message and allows you to continue running webOS Doctor. webOS Doctor is self-contained; it comes with all necessary drivers. It does not require the installation of a driver from an external source.

    The Next button becomes available after the webOS driver installation is complete, which may take up to 20 minutes. Click Next when the button becomes active. webOS Doctor installs webOS on your device. This may take several minutes. If the Next button does not highlight after 20 minutes, see Troubleshooting HP webOS Doctor .
    Do not disconnect your device from your computer during the update process. Disconnecting the device cancels the process and may damage your personal information.

    When the Reset Complete screen appears, click Done. Wait a few minutes while the device restarts.
    When prompted, enter your HP webOS Account email address and password to restore your account data to the device. Then enter your password information for any online accounts you synchronize with.
    The update is complete when Card view appears. If media files (pictures, videos, music), docs, or other files were backed up to a computer, move the files from the computer to the device (see Using USB drive mode to transfer files to your device ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by giggles View Post
    Kathy, I would just run the webos doctor for your device. All the problems should clean up if not its probably a hardware issue and you should possibly be able to get a replacement.
    Thank you for your suggestion! It did clear up the HP Maps vs. Google Maps problem, but the text messages and Palm/HP profile is still a mess.

    It took me a little while to get the OS doctor thing running correctly, but now that I have that down I might try again but maybe when it's booting up I will try to create a new profile instead of reloading the old one, and see if that makes any difference to texting.

    I don't understand why the profile page is pale/muted and not edit-able either, is that normal for the Pre?
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    Completely normal. You can't change your Palm Profile on device... Unless you want to mess with Impostah, but I wouldn't suggest it unless you know what you are doing.
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    The palm profile in accounts will always be muted to editing or removal as it is what is backing up your text messeges, gives you access to the app catalog, backs up some app settings and browser bookmarks etc.. For this reason it is uneditable ir removable

    You may want to check to see that page plus have not put a text message block on some model phones.

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