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    I had wifi not connecting to known network once. I said forget network and started over and all is fine now.
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    My Pre2 doesn't even see the AP at all anymore. Fresh doctor :\

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    I was unaware of this..
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    VeriZon had a nice solution: Free warranty replacement after full reset fails. Works fine now, LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickc View Post
    My Pre2 doesn't even see the AP at all anymore. Fresh doctor :\

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    Same boat. I am thinking of buying a new phone anyways now. Pre 3 sounds interesting!

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    I have exact same issues. Good thing is that it still under warranty. Bad thing is that it's almost impossible to convenient Palm/HP that it's a hardware issue so that I can return it. Kept asking me to try this, try that... for god sake, I doctored it about 5 times already.
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    Although my webOS version is 2.1.0, I am having a similar issue.

    My recently purchased new Pre2 on Verizon (bought on 6/30/12 Daily Steals) has had a couple of instances where it can't connect to wifi. And now since last night it can't at all. If I bring up the top menu (downswipe on right side top of screen) and select wifi, Turn On, i see the little spinning wheel of despair (SWOD) beside the dropdown menu row for wifi, but it just sits there. No networks ever come up. If I select Wifi Preferences and it brings up the wifi utility app, the virtual switch on the upper right says 'Off', an i can tap it to 'On', and it shows 'On', but the message below that says "Wifi is turned off" doesn't change.

    I've tried Luna resets, restarts, full power down and up.. The full power down and start up seemed to do the trick, for now. I'll keep an eye on it and may post again if the problem re-appears. I have the following patches installed:

    Add Date MM DD v2.1.0-2 - tk102, CRaiaSoftware
    Advanced Systems Menus - App Menu (ATT/VZW) v2.1.0-230 - sconix
    Battery Percent as Icon v2.1.0-11 - nesl247, Jason Robitaille, CRaiasoftware
    Buttah v2.1.0-190 - WebOS Internals
    Device Temperature Warnings v.2.1.0-3 - Jason Robitaille
    GPS in Device Menu v2.1.0-3 - Jason Robitaille
    PDF Redux v2.1.0-4 - akamil, pcworld
    Save Attachments to Downloads Folder v2.1.0-39 - Jason Robitaille
    Unthrottle Download Manager v2.1.0-160 - cliomark, Jason Robitaille

    I just noticed, after going to sleep on the touchstone, I woke the Pre2 up and it had lost connection with my office wifi. It seemed to have some trouble finding the network at first, but I walked closer to the router (I'm about as far away as you can get in our office) and it detected the office wifi. All this may be normal behavior, because at least the 'CHOOSE A NETWORK' box and 'Searching for networks' is wasn't before.
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