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    OK, I have done this before with success (every time WebOS 2.2.4 killed the phone I've had to rebuild it), but am failing at it now.

    I have WebOS Developer Mode running. I have QuickInstall 4.3.1. It "sees" the Pre2. The full catalog appears. I click on Preware and see that it is installing: org.webosinternals.preware_1.9.10_arm.ipk ... but it never completes an installation, even waiting over 30 minutes.

    So I eject the Pre2 and get this error diagnostic:
    {"ticket":1, "return value":true,"subscribed":true}

    Should I infer from this that it don't got no steenkin' Preware?

    Advice gratefully received.
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    errr ... this is a RTFM moment. Had I read the Preware instructions with greater care, I would have hit "just charge" instead of "USB". That's whatcha call an Unwarranted Assumption. USB to PC, just charging, and all works like it oughta. Preware & Save/Restore all installed, restored the lost data, and Bob's that guy who sleeps with your auntie.

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