I've been researching what would be the best prepaid GSM carrier for my Pre 2. I've read the throttling horror stories regarding h2o so I'm tempted to stay away from them. I can't say I'm eager to give AT&T $50 for the gophone unlimited and then have to shell out another $25 for a decent data package, but it seems they have the best speeds out there. Airvoice only gives 100mb with their package so that's not an option either. That leaves Simple Mobile (my current source) with their $40 unlimited offering but it's only EDGE since they're on T-Mobile's network.

Here's my dilemma, I've noticed that my Pre 2 runs a little faster on SM than when I had my Moto Cliq 2, which has 3G on the 1700 band. I've read many posts that claim, and truthfully so, that SM's idea of 3G is 119 kbps. My own speed tests proved this true on the Moto, but tests with my Pre 2 show anywhere from 586 kbps to 850 kbps over the course of several days and on different sites (mobilespeedtest.com, dslreports.com, etc). Can anybody give me an explanation as to why this could be? Should I just stay with SM (their customer service sucks to no end) or can gophone work without the additional data? Being an unlocked phone, I doubt AT&T can recognize my IMEI and tell it's a smartphone.