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    I am new to WebOS, having upgraded from a centro last month. I've searched, and see that others have calendar issues, but am unable to understand some of the responses. I have no idea what preware is, frankenware, etc. The only apps loaded on the phone are shopping manager and facebook.

    I had a heck of a time getting my calendar from the old desktop program -> ical -> google calendar -> Pre2. I finally got things working, but my all day events turned into 2 day events, and many appts got shifted by one hour. I gradually cleaned things up, and last week manually entered all of my 2012 appts that were on the google calendar into my Pre2 because of the 3 month sync issue. I needed to be able to see the whole year of appts, not just the future 3 months. I then deleted the items from the google calendar. Everything I entered on the phone immediately sync'd up to my google calendar.

    Long winded, but here's the problem - I keep getting alerts for appts that are no longer there. I know they are phantom because the time indicated for the appt is one hour later than the "real" one. If I click on the reminder, I get an empty calendar page. If I try to delete it, the phone just hangs and I have to restart. All I can do is snooze or dismiss. When I look at my calendar on the phone or google, these events are not there (or only the new one, which is at the correct time, or has the reminder set to none). In particular, I think there are 2 weekly appts with no end date that I want to get rid of

    I have two accts loaded:
    Palm Profile

    I have the gsm Pre2 version OS 2.2.4. The problem started before the recent update, and still continues.

    Is there anyway to reload without losing all the work I did to manually enter all my appts for the year?
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    Here's a brief summary of the steps needed to get my new Palm Pre2 (WebOs 2.2.4) working properly and transfer all my contacts, calendar entries and text messages from my old Palm Pixi (WebOs 1.4.5).
    Luckily I've been using Google as the central store for my contacts, so syncing with my Google account transfered all my contacts over. Palm Backup didn't do this, don't know why? Syncing with my Google calendar didn't work beyond the first 3 months. It used to work with my Pixi!
    Although I have a rough, but aging knowledge of WinXp and Linux, I am no Palm WebOs expert or a have ever hacked a phone before. Without the experts and knowledge here ( I would have been stuck with a rather lame new phone and facing hours of data entry, moving my messages and contacts. The solutions presented on this site have solved my problems. Although it did take some, understanding, rooting out and trial and error! I'm going to try to summarize the processes. To fill in the gaps that are left by experts, cos they find it too obvious!
    Is my Palm Pre2 good now? Yes! But am shocked that hp could ship it half baked. Also I'm shocked that a) there is no backup of sms messages by the Palm backup service for WebOs 1.4.5 and b) there is no automatic transfer routine that will move your sms messages etc to your new Palm/Hp product (whatever the WebOs version). That's bad.

    So here's what was needed:
    1. My Palm arrived with WebOs 2.1.x so I upgraded that using the System Updates App.
    2. Put your Palm in developer mode: From the initial screen type in (ignoring all the search screens that follow): upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart If you've typed it right, a little blue app icon appears with a usb plug. Either tap the icon or press the enter key. On the developer mode screen, switch on developer mode then press Reset the Device. Bingo! You're now ready.
    3. Plug your Palm into your computer via USB. Select Just Charge.
    4. You will need Java Runtime Environment installed on you computer and also enabled within the Firefox Browser (Add-ons Manager/Plugins). I installed from here Java Downloads for All Operating Systems and selected Windows Offline. Note: you may need to restart your computer in order to ensure JRE is properly registered. I did!
    5. You will need WebOs Quick Install - I used version 4.3.1 from here: Note: this is a java file so doesn't need installing.
    6. Run the file WebOSQuickInstall-4.3.1.jar (double click on it or whatever!). It will open a window and then install the Novacom USB terminal driver (this takes a while). Once installed, provided your phone is connected and it has been switched to developer mode, WebOSQuickInstall will show it as selected in the top righthand of the window. There is a load of help here including detailed pdf's:-
    7. Download the following ipk files in ORDER and use WebOsQuickInstall to install them on your Palm.
    Homebrew-jsjsjs-$service$-$framework$ $info$: ipk file (I used v1.0.1)here:
    FileMgr info: - (I used 2.0.7):
    Internalz (I used version 1.5.0):
    Preware (I used v1.8.3):
    8. Wake your Palm up and navigate to the bottom of the Apps page. You'll find the new apps (FileMgr, Internalz and Preware) there. Tap FileMgr and check to see if the service is running ok. If not you'll need to restart your phone (turn off/on).
    9. Correcting google calendar sync problems: Use the Preware app to download and install patch needed (just follow Preware's menus - it does it all for you!)
    10. Transfer sms from Pixi webOs 1.4.5 : First Follow steps 2 to 8 on your Pixi. Then Follow the bak-up guide here: . Make sure you copy the PalmDatabase.db3 file to your computer and have a spare backup. Disconnect the Pixi and close WebOs QuickInstall.
    11. Transfer of webOs 1.4.5 sms to webOs 2.x: Follow the instructions here: The zip file at the top of the page has the latest version of all the files needed and it works! Download, Unzip. Make sure your java plug in is running in FireFox. Open the html file in FireFox. Read the directions given - follow them.
    12. My experience was that the first part (extraction and data mangling) was quick. The final part which takes place on your phone (The data insertion) took several minutes. I think I have 168 entries in my sms data table (unless there's more than one in my PalmDatabase.db3? Anyway it took about 8 mins! During which time you'll need to leave the phone in Aeroplane mode. I did look in my sms app a couple of times and could actually see the entries building through the months! There is no definite end to the routine so you'll just have to wait for a while. I'd guess until you can see the last message you had!

    So there it is! My new Palm/Hp Pre2 is finally fixed, updated and running. It is quite something to have to hack your new phone on day one though! All the same thanks to all those people here who've made this possible.
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    Wow, that's quite a lot of info. I think I'll wait until I have a free afternoon.

    Thanks for spelling it out.

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