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    So I have a question which I haven't been able to find a straight answer to, hope you guys can help.

    Firstly, I received (as a gift) a Palm Pre2 GSM Unlocked. Coming from the Motorola Milestone Android, I was a bit sceptical of the OS, I was wrong and right. The OS is rock solid awesome, the apps...not so much (I think).

    -----So here's what I did---I'm with Fido (Canada)---

    1. Without Sim Card I entered Developer Mode and bypassed Activation. (I do not have a data plan on my Sim Card). Now, the "App Catalog" and the "Software Update" applications won't work.

    Must I:

    a) Reset phone, activate phone with my Own Fido Sim Card w/ a Data Plan


    b) Reset phone, activate phone with Someone else's Sim Card (Telus w/ Data Plan)

    To get the "App Catalog" and the "Software Update" applications to work?

    I really hope I can get some help and I apologize ahead of time if these questions have already been answered.
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    Feel free to make a palm profile [with current sim card] on the phone if you would like to have access to the app catalog and to receive updates [later via wifi]. It just needs the data connection for a few seconds to contact palm and set up your profile, then your good to go. It's not really activating it..since you are already activated with Fido [but is creating a profile with palm and gives you access to it at their site once you've made one on the phone]. You can take your SIM out after and use it your current phone and use your Palm as a wifi pda/surf the net device. Which is sort of what i'm doing now lol..until i cave in and make the switch..i'm finding all the apps I need so ones I go and find them..look first for homebrew options. You'll need the Quick Install app for your computer first..
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    Thanks a lot for your help!! =D

    I'm uncertain about something you mentioned though.

    Could I make a profile with my Friends Simcard (Telus w/ Data) and then after the profile has been created, plug in my Own Sim Card (Fido No Data) and run it normally? - or - Do I have to use my Own Simcard to make a profile?
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    I've cruised the forums also for similar questions..from what i've read can borrow an active sim card with data for your initial profile creation and go from there..but a sidenote..i wonder what info it will pull from the sim ..various info you can delete later contact list etc...
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    ..once you create the profile [you'll of course need your email address and think of a password and save for use later at ].
    Important note about updating. Make sure your fully charged. I had a nosey-nate fiddle with the touchstone..[who can blame them tho =] and it left my phone wacky [off it's hinge slightly aka uncharged] and i had clicked on update when it finally popped up..well of course it died while updating and slightly bricked my phone. i like lil adventures in figuring things out..but that sort of freaked me out's easy to doctor the phone with their tool but i lost my apps..and i think a patch or three messed up the phone the second time i tried to update with a fully charged phone. so that's is problem two. wait to install any homebrew apps or whatnot..just in case it messes up the update for you. do the update first
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    oh! i forgot to mention..yes on your question lol i have a pay as you go plan on my tmobile..i prefer to use voip on my other phone [i don't know if the pre2 uses sip settings yet..] but i created my profile with my non-data plan sim easily because tmobile has a way of easily activating a data plan within 5 minutes. i went to the wap page and changed my plan to their 2dollar/day plan and it includes data. used the sim to create profiles on two phones took the sim out and changed it back to pay as you go right after. if fido has a data add on feature or ability to change plans via the phone..worth a google search [that's how i found out i could do that.] ..hope it works for ya..
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    ...just peeked at the website. it looks like they have a data day pass for $1 it says to use your browser on the phone to get it ..looks good. that's what i did on tmobile more or less
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    You've been incredibly helpful, thank you very much=)

    So all in all, I can create a profile using someone elses simcard that as a data plan and after that's done, I can plug my own simcard in and voila.

    Now, I'm sure there have been numerous complaints but...I'm a bit baffled.

    1. The Music player sucks, no timeline track, equalizer, display of current song time, able to add to playlist/create playlist, etc. Any free music players out there for palm pre 2?

    2. Is it possible to transfer files via bluetooth? If

    3. Is there an online help guide? The "help" only works with internet. (16gb HDD and it can't store the necessary help guides)

    This phone is quite the bummer (Palm Pre 2). Considering HP bought it out, I was expecting tons of settings but there barely are any. Any useful hints or guides would be very much appreciated (thanks for your help so far azdesertrose77).

    PS: I wouldn't be asking any of these questions if I had already found the answer on google...=/ most articles are from 2009

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