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    As a long time Verizon customer w/ 5 lines and a developer with an Unlocked Pre2 we have been using for development, I wanted to move the Pre2 over to our Verizon account (without giving up one of our "free" WiFi Hotspot from the Pre Pluses and Pixis on our account).

    Therefore I went ahead and did a com board swap (with back bezel) between my Unlocked Pre 2 and one of our Verizon Pre Plus phones. Everything has gone well on the Hardware side, but I wasn't exactly sure which script to use for the metadoctor and I ended up using the "Verizon FrankenPre 2" (./scripts/meta-verizon-franken-unlocked-pre2-2.1.0) script. Everything is working great (and I love the Pre2) and it over the air updated to 2.2.4.


    1. I had read that after doing the MetaDoctor you should then run the stock webOSDoctor for Verizon Pre 2 & when I tried, it said the webOSDoctor wasn't for this device.

    2. I have no Verizon apps

    3. I'm getting frequent Luna restarts (not related to the battery as I was on a phone call which continued uninterrupted during a Luna reset - HP logo flashing and eventual return to the normal screen)

    4. In device info, more info I'm showing a carrier of "ROW" and a firmware of "RC1.7(557) instead of "Verizon" - although on the main screen the carrier shows up as "Verizon Wireless" and everything works great for Verizon including updating the PRL to 52644

    So the question is...

    For a Verizon Pre Plus comm board to Unlocked Pre 2 which metaDoctor script should I use? The "Verizon Pre 2" (./scripts/meta-verizon-pre2-2.1.0) or the "Verizon FrankenPre 2" (./scripts/meta-verizon-franken-unlocked-pre2-2.1.0) or some other script (or even a stock webOSDoctor)?

    Thanks for any info, ideas, suggestions!
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    The Verizon apps and customizations are located in the verizon.tar package inside of a verizon doctor. You can unpack the verizon doctor, de-tar this file, and install them individually as needed. I found that I needed to install some of the vz navigator services to get the GPS to work reliably.
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