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    Hello all of the webOSnation.
    I have long been a webOS fan boy and proud of it.
    Any who I have started a new project.
    Here is what is happening my little brother(15) is a huge android monkey (currently using htc amaze).
    I have managed to convince him to put down his phone for 1 month and try out webOS as a pure way to get a new perspective on the platform.
    After setting him up with my "palm pre 2" by putting his music on there and getting some apps set up and with a quick show around the phone we begin.

    Day 1: He says he wishes there were more apps (of course).
    Also that he really likes the cards system, and how it works with the messages, and web browser(that's a good sign). more to come as the month continues.

    Day 2: He says that the battery life is amazing! lol nice! (compared to android).
    He also said there was some lag when switching from apps and music.. so i downloaded some patches for him soon after he no longer had those issues.
    (I want to overclock and under volt it for him just need uberkernal to be available on 2.2.4 soon i hope).

    Day 3: He is mad, because of the fact that I keep on asking him how he likes it lol so I will stop for at least a day ... On the other hand he says that he will miss the phone (Yes!) he loves "Just type", and only wishes there were better hardware, and apps (dont we all) ...

    Day 30: After a long month he has left the "Palm Pre 2" and has gone back to Android ''(

    He is telling me that he misses how simple webOS was for almost everything, and is willing to give hp another chance in the future if they release a phone with better specs (Fingers crossed)...

    p.s. I hope I posted this in the right place apologize if I did not.
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    Great going. Since we may never get new webos devices, at least he will know where the inspiration for some of the features on other platforms came from and learn to respect it even it never became popular.
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    I like your project and I applaud your brother for having an open mind.

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