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    Got a weird question.

    I'm planning on getting a Pre2 to FrankenPre onto sprint. IF I get an ATT Pre2, could I take the GSM Pre2 radio board and put it back into my Pre-? Would using the 1.4.5 GSM doctor make my Sprint Pre- a GSM Pre-?

    I'm asking because my parents use T-Mobile and this could be a backup phone for them. They don't use data so there's no issues with falling back to lower data speeds.
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    I'll try it soon and let you know. I got an att pre 2 for my frankenpre
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    Thanks. The Verizon Pre2 is supposed to be an easier process but I like the idea of having an unlocked GSM phone available.
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    I put a unlocked Pre 2 (WR) comm card in an original Sprint Pre - phone and it became a WR unlocked Pre. In order to get communication to work the SIM toolbox app is needed (meta-doctor).

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    ditto to the above

    did it to my pre- for giggles after I built my sprint pre2

    didn't bother putting it on a network but it is reasonably simple to do - mine is now effectively an ipod touch, set it up with a 2.1 doctor so I could run music player remix on it

    of course, it still sits unused by anyone but my 2 year old son...... It'll probably end up forgotten in a drawer until someday I come across it and marvel at how primitive we all were. I recently found my old palm zire in a drawer, it still turned on, green screen blazing as it fired up right where it left off in the middle of an ebook I was reading way back in the day. I turned my old faithful companion back off, amazed that it still had juice in it, baffled that I once saw that device as the absolute pinnacle of handheld achievement. I tossed it back it back into the drawer that time forgot.
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    Great to know. My Pre- still works so I'd hate to reduce it to complete junk; this way it can be a backup phone for my GSM-using parents. They are still using dumb phones so even the Pre- would be an upgrade.

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