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    I have a Palm Pre running webOS 1.3.1. I bought it at eBay for the purpose of replacing my dying 12 year old Palm Vx which I use for the sole purpose of syncing with my data in Palm Desktop v 4.1.4. But since Palm Pre, a Palm manufactured pda, doesn't sync out of the box with Palm Desktop (what a shame), I'm considering purchasing CompanionLink to fill the void. But CompanionLink requires the use of CL USB Sync which won't run on webOS 1.3.1 (that's what the webOS Quick Installer says).

    Another reason to upgrade is that the App Catalog is Beta in 1.3.1 and doesn't work.

    So what I *think* I need is webOS 1.4.5. But when I go to download it at and put in my serial number, it will only let me download webosdoctorp100ewwsprint-1.3.1.jar (v 1.3.1). Bummer!

    Is there some other way to upgrade to webOS 1.4.5? Or am I stuck with 1.3.1? Thanks.


    I found a WebOS Doctor for the Sprint Pre (webosdoctorp100ewwsprint.jar - 211mb) at WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals. Will this work straight up or does it first need to be tweaked? Thanks!
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    (this is the Pre 2 section)

    It should work without hiccups, haven't heard of anything being left at <1.4.5
    If you're feeling adventurous, you can get webOS 2 on your Pre- with some hackers.

    Also, there's been an data migration assistant put out by palm that copies the palm desktop data to your pre. but its one-way
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    I meant to post in the Pre forum. Thanks for the good news.

    I'd read that the older Pre's wouldn't run webOS 2: "According to Engadget, Rubinstein stated that Palm "missed a product cycle" due to its financial woes last year and that the older devices lacked the horsepower to run not only WebOS 2.0 but any future variants of the OS."
    WebOS 2 Update Not Coming to Earlier Pre, Pixi, Pluses

    Perhaps, as you said, a hack makes it possible. At any rate, I'll save upgrading to webOS 2 for when I have time to burn. Hopefully webOS 1.4.5 will be a slam dunk.

    Do you have a link to the "data migration assistant put out by palm"? Could come in handy. Thanks again, xandros9!
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    The Pre- doesn't have the horsepower to run it out-of-the-box, but with some tweaks. (overclocking, memory, some stuff in Preware) could make it decent. I don't have a Pre-, so I wouldn't know from experience.
    they didn't put it out because a lot of people are just average users and expect it to just work, and 2.x may have slowed it down too much on some.

    Link: (a quick google search found it) HP webOS : Download & Run the Data Transfer Assistant (DTA)

    glad I could help

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