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    I just did a comm board swap from my sprint pre to my new Verizon Palm Pre 2. Then I loaded the custom modified software to turn it into a frankenpre. It works fine. I am able to make calls by going to the "emergency call" feature. 911 is there and I delete that... I can call any number and it works just fine. I called sprint and they said my phone is activated.

    The problem is I am stuck at the blue cloud screen and can't log into my palm profile. I KNOW my user name and password are correct because I JUST used them on my new Christmas HP Touchpad I got. My HUNCH is that PALM must think I'm still logged in and therefore they won't let another PHONE log into their network. What can I do?

    If any one can even TEXT me at 563-505-9372 that would be awesome because I will check my brother's cell regularly.

    Did I do something wrong with the FrankenPre2 process?
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    I read that I was supposed to turn "OFF" updates on my Pre1 before the swap... I'm wondering if this is the problem. BUT, I also read that if I turned "OFF" automatic backup on my Pre 1 then I would not be able to use my Pre1 Palm Profile.

    This still does not solve the issue of why I cannot even create a NEW palm profile on my new Sprint FrankenPre2.

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    was the sprint pre- activated before the swap?
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    Yes... The pre - was active before the swap. I simply swapped comm boards. Then ran the meta doctor. Both pre2's have EV logo, 5 bars, and sprint logo. Both can make and receIve calls from the emergency screen.

    I'm stumped. Did my not turning off automatic backup on both Pre1's screw me up that bad? I can understand that it might not allow me to log into my old palm profile... But I can't understand why it won't allow me to even create a new one....
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    A fellow Precentral user helped me out. Apparantly my Meta Doctor was not working properly. He helped me create a new one and after installing it I was able to log into my Palm Profile with ease.

    I did not have to re-swap my comm boards into my Pre- nor did I have to revert back to 1.45. I simply ran the new meta doctor on my FrankenPre2 and everything worked perfect.

    Special thanks to Rich Dunbar!

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