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    My update came OTA just a few days ago.

    Then two system / mojo patches got an update.

    I do still miss a lot of patches, but you what?

    The thing flies! It is so speedy it feels scary. I noticed today that the phone application opens instantly. And so do other applications.

    It's the stock kernel. So no overclocking. This phone is a beast now. I wonder what made this possible.

    Good work at HP to hand that update out. Now if you integrate those homebrew patches I guess you'll shoot almost every Dual-Core Android phone out of the water.

    Seriously. Something big has changed.

    And I am not joking.

    Thanks a bunch at HP and at the Homebrew community.
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    Solved all the problems through running EPR first and then installing all the patches I wanted to have and previously had. Incl. ‹bercalender.

    One thing though: wlan Hotspot doesn't work. It seems like it connects, but it doesn't deliver any data.

    Does anybody have a clue what the solution could be?

    Still I am amazed how fast the patches have updated. Thanks Jason and all the others involved in this.

    Glad this update came around. Phone is snappy like an aligator on stock kernel with some patches installed even more.

    I'll give the ‹berkernel a try now. I have patience until it'll be available

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    nah my feels a tad slower then with UK and UK I got faster speed and better battery life. There is no improvement. Just worse UI "improvements" only good thing is skype.
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    A bit laggy for me without uberkernal

    the phone app starts instantly but freezes up
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    true, phone app starts instantly, this is cause it is entirely rewritting in Enyo and is left in memory like the old one.
    But as it is Enyo, also the scrolling e.g. last calls is laggy as in other enyo apps.

    Other parts of the software feel quite the same as my previous 2.1 stock kernel.
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    Is there any solution for the not functioining Hotspot app, as of yet?
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    free teather?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    A bit laggy for me without uberkernal

    the phone app starts instantly but freezes up
    ugh, i hate the udpate! phone is super slow now and runs at 300mhz. i wanna roll it back, stupid auto update hit me when i took a nap

    30mins later:
    so it froze up in usb mode so dunno what happened. did a power/ringer switch to restart and somehow it's running at 1ghz now and no longer as horrifyingly slow as before. i can live with 1ghz speed but that 300mhz crap was driving me nuts! im just gonna have to live on stock pre2 settings til the patches/etc catch up, dont have time to explore the options otherwise. thanks pre central et all for the discussions & support
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    Quote Originally Posted by giggles View Post
    free teather?
    Thanks for the hint. I do still hope that the Hotspot will be fixed somehow.

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