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    Audio is still working correctly. Tested both with onboard speaker, and Aux jack to car. Two small skips were noted - one while calendar was syncing; the other when Aphex Twin was playing (although, that may have very well been Aphex Twin being Aphex Twin). Going to move on.

    Today's Patch Installations:
    - Govnah
    - Uber Kernel
    - Uber Calendar
    - Homebrew JSJSJS $Service$ $Framework$
    - SysToolsMgr Service
    - Email: Delete E-mail from Dashboard
    - Memos: Timestamp In Memo
    - Msging: Timestamps Clean
    - Notifications: Quick USB dashboard
    - Notifications: Advanced Reset Options

    Will update this afternoon.

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    Alright. Missed my friday afternoon window-of-update. I did run audio all weekend, however, and I have no stuttering/skipping to report. I am to a point where all the major patches I use are now installed. I don't think I'm going to go any further with the patching updates.

    Maybe it is worth noting, but I have been running all music through the stock palm app. I will run tunes through Music Remix for the next couple of days - and while it's unlikely I'll find anything to report - I'll report back here on Wednesday.

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