If this has been addressed, forgive me for not knowing how to search. I have had this issue since the first (now I am on #3) pre2 I have received. Push email has never worked properly, and this past week I think I have discovered why. I'd open email and it would suddenly "wake up" and receive all the emails I never got alerts for. But more than that, I noticed that MyTether doesn't seem to hang on to data connection (3G) either. In fact, if I have a (near) perfect signal, and data (3G) is on (lit up), it works fine. But after a while of being idle, I have to load something like "Speed Test" and run it to wake the data (3G) up again, so I can get data. In fact, if MyTether loads while 3G is dormant, I can't even connect devices to it (win7 reports "No Internet Access"). I have been through 3 Pre2's and this seems consistent (the other 2 were swapped for unrelated issues). If 3G goes to sleep, the browser times out as well. Is VeriZon doing this to save bandwidth, or is there an issue with the device/OS itself? It may still be carrier related, but had them check my account, and all seems ok. Is this making any sense at all? Is there an app or patch to occasionally ping the network so it doesn't keep going to sleep? And I am curious why it doesn't seem to fallback to 1X unless I am roaming. *shrug* thanks in advance.