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    Hello there,

    I have an unlocked Pre 2 but I do not have a data plan, when I need the internet, I look for a Wifi location. I have read the update can be downloaded using Wifi.

    Since the update has been released globally, my question is: As a part of the installation process? Will I need to borrow a SIM with data plan (just as I did when activated the Pre 2 for the first time to create my profile)? or is it safe to update the Pre 2 at home with my current SIM card?

    Best regards,

    PS: I will remove all the patches installed before doing the update process. Anything else to have in consideration?
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    The OTA works over wifi. No radio required.
    If you doctor without meta tricks you need radio for activation.
    I don' have a lot patches so decided to remove them as well.
    It's allways good to backup with preware saved packetlist, save/restore and then the usb drive onto PC.
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    I just updated with all my patches and it worked. Got some patches already replaced/updated. Works like a charm.
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    Thanks for the info. Updated my Pre 2 to 2.2.4. Checking its functionality.

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