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    I've just recently started using my Palm Pre, have been a BB user for over a year now and my screen broke so i used my back up phone (palm pre 2) until it gets fixed. Have to say i'm REALLY impressed with WebOS. It has SO much potential and now that HP have opened it up im really excited about where webOS can go, and hoping the devs out there are already getting involved.

    I am a test analyst and wanted to get involved in helping those creating apps for webos. I know there is a preware beta feed. But wanted to find out the best way to help test out new apps?


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    Did you update to 2.2.4 software?
    That could be your first test.

    Datajog may still be looking for testers. Also there is pdf markup app, look around for the thread.

    I assume you have beta feeds enabled in Preware. If not, read up on webos internals of how to turn them on.
    If you have 50+ paid apps (plus preware homebrew paid app), you can petition Rod Whitby of webos internals to test App Tuckerbox. That will open up installing paid apps across your devices and give you access to a feed of all apps in one place (as I am assuming you will want to buy a HP TouchPad, once you've seen the beauty of webOS).
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    hey thanks for the reply bluenote

    yeah i just installed 2.2.4 - its giving me loads of issues. I have somehow lost my notifications for text messages. Tried to do a full erase and still cant get rid of the problem.

    I'll have a look into the beta feeds. I actually work for HP as a tester lol but nothing to do with webos. And i missed out on the touchpad at work cause HP sold out in about 1 minute!
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