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    I've read a couple threads on this but haven't found any solutions. Basically my GPS does not work at all on Verizons 3G network. As soon as I connect to WiFi it can find my location within seconds. Has anyone else seen this problem or found a solution?

    Thanks in advance
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    Try GPSfix from preware and see if it can find your location. If it comes back with a hardware error message, make sure that your GPS is actually on.

    I have a frankenPre 2 and I had to load in the vznavigator service packages to make the GPS resolve properly (com.nim.vznavigator...ipk and I would imagine that the official verizon doctor would install them automatcally, but I would check using something like internalz.
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    I have the same issue!! Its so annoying. It used to work fine. But now it only works when I'm connected to WiFi. It seems like it stopped working with the 2.1 update. I could be totally wrong. One of these days I want to doctor back to 2.0.1 and see if it works.

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