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    I used the testing scripts to build a 2.2.4 doctor a few days ago for my Sprint FrankenPre2.

    When I search something on Google, the titles of the pages are humungous -- probably double the font size of the rest of the text.

    And the notification area seems to be ever so slightly bigger, or something -- each notification's icon is blurry, but when expanded (e.g. a message) everything is crisp and clear again.

    Is anyone else seeing these issues?

    Bonus question: Is anyone else able to use Spotify? It doesn't produce audio for me, not sure why, even though the media volume level is up and the ringer switch is in the on position.
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    I haven't seen the issues you're describing, I'm afraid, and Spotify sounds good. I'm running a Verizon meta-doctored Pre 2.
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    Google Mobile Search Increases Text Size

    Google applied this to all devices.

    Also, refer to this thread for current issues with 2.2.4. Blurry/out-of-scale notification dashboard icons are a bug. I spent a whole day looking for a fix to no avail.

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    I've also noticed this on mobile sites like Huffington Post, Deadspin and Gizmodo.
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    Facebook as well, when it sometimes defaults to the old layout rather than the new mobile layout.
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    I can't seem to get the browser to focus on the search box on Facebook's mobile site either, which is worked around by visiting the friends list first and using the other search there.
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    I have huge fonts in email and slightly larger notifications after the Pre 2 OTA. Fonts everywhere else I've looked so far (messages, Project Macaw, Preware) are the size I expect.

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