I was made aware of an issue which has been reported by several Palm Pre 2 users (detailed below) and wondered if anyone else has experienced this, or is aware of it happening and can possibly point me to a resolution?

The users didn’t send anything actively.
E.g. one had 9 mails automatically sent (e.g. at 08:27 on Monday 19th September 2011).
They were not online with a PC or laptop at that moment. They just started their mobile and the refresh of the display of their MS EAS mails was running.
Some of these mails they have never sent; i.e. they only read, but never answered or forwarded.

What the example user saw concerning the 9 mails is:

• Only mails from the Inbox were sent (no mails out of subfolders.)
• The sender was changed from the original sender to their account name.
• They were sent only to the people/distribution lists who were already mentioned in the ‘To’ field.
(e.g. there were two mails that only the user received before. They were sent only to them again.)
• Mails that don’t have an entry in the ‘To’ field weren’t sent.
• Mails that have an attachment weren’t sent.

Any suggestions gratefully received. Btw This was reported when the phones were at webOS 2.1.0

Kind Regards,
Andrew Dumbleton