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    I've been using my pre 2 with T-Mobile for 3 months now and I still haven't found a solution for the broken mms. Pictures that I receive are blury and the pictures I send out usually end up getting a green tint all over them. T-Mobile tech support can't help because its an "unsupported device". Does any one know what to do?
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    I just sent one to myself. It looks terrible. I'll try sending one to someone else when I'm around someone else that has a decent phone (only other phone I have direct access to is a Rumor, so not very good on the display quality there), and see what happens. Looks like T-Mob is significantly cutting the quality of the image, either when we send it, or when they send it to us. Unless the phone is transmitting it that way.. ugh.
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    Exactly! It is insanely frustrating to get very blurry messages in and then have people complain when pictures I send have artifacts all over them
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    although I do have to clarify. When an image is sent and sent without artifacts, it is a full resolution picture, it is not compressed very much when sending.

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