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    My main phone is an HTC Inspire. I picked up a Pre 2 for pretty cheap, and I really like it. Quality seems good, form factor is good, OS is responsive. Really no complaints.

    I'm just not seeing why there are so many rabid fans. What can I do with this thing besides launch apps? I know people are customizing, but how do I get started? Do I need to 'root' the phone? What will that offer besides maybe sideloading homebrew apps?

    I know those are very open questions, and many of you will just shake your head, but any links/help is greatly appreciated.

    Should also mention, I'm on AT&T. Seems most threads are for Sprint or Verizon.
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    There are so many rabid fans not only because of the launch of apps, but because of multitasking (the thing with the cards), synergy (having many different accounts of people together) and many other things.

    So, to your question. Install "webOSQI" (short for webOS Quick Install) and then install Preware. Preware is something like an app market for Homebrew. There you can choose some free apps, but most of all you can install patches. Patches are small or bigger tweaks for your phone that help you customize it.
    The difference from what you know is that you don't do anything dangerous or illegal. It's not like rooting or jailbreaking an Android or iOS device.

    You can find guides in the forums and I believe there are some articles in the front page of Precentral (now webOSnation).
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    Here's a scenario:

    You're composing an email and realize you need information from a website. You swipe up the into card view and go to the browser - find the info and copy it. You go back to the email - it's still there (which on my Droid 2 Global and Droid X would not happen) and paste it. Then you realize you need some contact info to pass along to the same person - swipe up, open contacts and grab the info. Now you swipe back to the email, paste the info. In the meantime you receive a text message. You tap the notification on the bottom of the screen read the text and realize you need to add some additional info from the browser - swipe over to the browser - still open - and get the info you need. Suddenly you realize you need to ask a question before you can finish the email - open the phone - call the person you need to speak with and get the info. Go back to email type in the info.

    Until you work this way you don't know what you are missing. My wife still is frustrated by Android - she decided she had no choice since she wanted a larger screen and netflix access. She routinely finds that switching away from her running programs is not only klunky - but often - like when composing emails - the result is that the program closes and she loses her place.

    In webOS there is no task killer - there is not automatic management of running programs. It's not a nanny...

    Another annoyance that I have run into and my wife has also - you have a limited number of browser windows. On webOS the only limit is based on memory and it's huge. I have personally had 20-30 browser windows open (testing) on webOS without problems - on Android I think this is limited to 8.

    Games (in Android) are even worse about closing - I can't tell you how annoying it is to take a call or look at an email or open a web site and then go back to find Angry Birds has to reload...

    Essentially if you want a phone that multitasks more like your desktop - use webOS - if you are OK with the iOS/Android model of tasks being managed behind the scenes and tasks closed when the OS feels it is important to do so - then you won't find webOS that compelling - at least not until you tinker for a while.

    Try Advanced Gestures btw, with this you don't even have to go to card view to move from one app to another. Simply swipe full width on the gesture area and move either right or left to the "adjacent" application.

    Patches and customization are good - but there are not really any widgets supported. webOS is sort of like iOS in that it is a collection of icons. The notification system is second to none in webOS - Android is better than iOS but still inferior to webOS on this point. Rooting is not really required - there is a sideload option but it is much simpler than rooting.

    Grab the homebrew docs from the app catalog and enjoy...
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