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    So it has been just shy of a week with my Sprintified Verizon Pre2. On the whole, it has been good experience, with WebOS 2.1 being a tremendous improvement over the 1.4.5 I came from...

    The Good
    - WebOS 2.1 is fantastic
    - The device is SOOOOO much snappier than my Pre-, and I haven't even gotten to any Kernel updates yet. All arond it is a better "stock" experience.
    - Physically, this thing is much more sturdy that my Pre- (which had two screen replacements) and the sliding is much better (though still not perfect).
    - I got lucky and my sprint PRL was up-to-date, so no issues there.
    - The Webos Internals group has some fantastic resources out there, and they are really helpful (albeit a bit disorganized in places)

    The Bad (kind of, not really)
    - Still struggling with the lack of a hard button on the front. This is my own hangup and I am working through it.
    - The sliding mechanism still seems to flex a bit much for me, so it isn't perfect. But it seems (psychologically-speaking) better than my Pre- ever was.
    - The Meta-Doctor process is a bit overwhelming because the instructions seem to miss some subtleties and you have to link all over. Don't get me wrong. It *IS* all there, it is just a bit disjointed at times. People on the forums are great though, and I made my way through it successfully.
    - Never used Ubuntu before, so there was a bit of a learning curve, but I am no stranger to the command line, so it worked out OK, with some initial stumbles.

    The Frustrating
    - Through my own fault, I misread the ordering of something, and needed to re-doctor. I ended up getting the 12% error several times. The forums and Wiki were helpful here, but it doesn't negate the fact that it still sucked to have to figure all that out.
    - Dr. First Skipped. The instructions say turn off the backups to prevent this. This isn't always accurate, as I still got it a couple of times. What I found that *DID* work every time was turning off backups AND going into my profile online and deleting the device from the device listing.
    - Completely Random Reboots. I think it is just Luna rebooting, but it happens at no discernable pattern or time. Sometimes when I am going into Preware. Sometimes I would add a patch and Luna would reboot and just before gettign to the main screen it would completely reboot. Other times it would just be doing a "Just Type" search and BANG, both Luna and Complete reboots. I have no idea what is going on here.
    - Random Freezes. Sometimes you just put it down and walk away and it comes out of it. Sometimes I had to physically remove the battery to fix it. Again, no discernable pattern or timing here. As with the reboots, I have no idea what is going on here.

    What's next?
    - I think I am going to do a complete clean and re-doctor just one more time, just to make sure I try to resolve the re-booting and freezing stuff. It happens a few times a day still, so I am thinking it can't hurt. The setup of accounts and such is pretty painless (IMHO), so this doesn't bother me too much.
    - I am concerned that there may be some sort of hardware issue going on here, and I have no idea how to diagnose this yet. Physically, it looks fine when I did the comm board switch. But I will try to resolve the freezes and reboots via the software route and hopefully that will be the remedy. Who knows.
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    I was about a month ahead of you having done the FrankenPre2 in early November. It is indeed another world compared to the Pre-.

    I got carried away with patches and decided to re MetaDoctor last week. Upon completion I have not had the System Update as described here WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals

    This has left my Sprint FrankenPre2 without working Voice Dial. After my original MetaDoctor process on 11/8/11 this OTA update was available. Wondering if you were able to run the OTA update or if System Updates show you as up to date too?

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    I did my meta-doctor last Wednesday. I have not seen the notice for the "2.1" update. So no voice dial for me either, which is unfortunate.

    I forgot to mention this earlier. Thanks for reminding me.
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    I have been living in the land of the zombies about a week, and I truly love my Sprintified FrankenPre 2.

    I fully agree with rpiatt that the Pre 2 is a much more solid machine than the Pre Plus/Minus, but unlike him I have had no problems with the slider, which seems rock solid. I think this might relate to the disassembly/reassembly process. If you are lucky, you end up with a more solid device.

    I did not have Meta-Doctor problems because I used the stock Doctor without dipping into Ubuntu. After Frankening the phone, it immediately started up with 2.0.1, and then I Doctored it to 2.1.0. I am patiently waiting for the 2.2.4 Doctor to show up so I can apply it next.

    I had been afraid to Franken my phone for months, but I am sooooo glad I finally did it. And I am SOOOOOOOO disappointed that Meg has cancelled the Pre phone line. I was anxiously waiting for Pre IV. Meg, any chance of pulling a Léo and bringing the phones back? Didn't think so.
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    The missing Voice Dial Fix update is troubling...

    As for random reboots, you should look around the forums some more. I want to say Pre 2 reboots are sometimes associated with a bad handset. i.e. -- May be nothing you can do about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ananimus View Post
    The missing Voice Dial Fix update is troubling...

    As for random reboots, you should look around the forums some more. I want to say Pre 2 reboots are sometimes associated with a bad handset. i.e. -- May be nothing you can do about it.
    A searching I will go...

    Amd still no voice dial update...
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    I only had my Frankenpre2 for 10 days before my work got me a phone. I liked it a lot vs the Pre- I had for over 2 years.
    I think the speed, and glass screen were the best things about it.
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    I've had mine since mid september. Its a fantastic phone. I haven't had freezing or random reports nor did my doctor hang or cause any problems with my phone. Also didn't have to disable backs up either lol. Just went through fine you shouldn't of had to do that. You need to delete and rebuild and rerun your doctor. Cause I've had a sprint Pre² 2 about 4 months now. And haven't had to redoctor once. And I got 30 patches installed. Otherwise its a wonderful experience.
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    I delayed re-doctoring (and intend to delete and re-meta-doctor) for a bit as I am in the midst of some wicked end of year business travel.

    In the mean time, my searching led me to the JsTop application and its automated garbage collection capabilities. That seems to have stabilized the phone dramatically, having only one freeze and one re-boot in over 24 hours now. (I love the resources we have in this community. I am amazed each day)

    That said, I'll likely just deal with it for the next two weeks until the holiday break and re-doctor then.

    Still no update for the voice dial fix, though.
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    I went ahead and Meta-Doctored to 2.2.4 after all the troubles I had with 2.1.x. At first it didn't launch the Voice Dial too but then got an OS update notification. 7 MB if I remember correctly.

    Well it took and it brought back all the lost functionality. Now it's smooth and solid. I even got rid of the UberKernel as it didn't seem to give it anything extra.

    As an aside, I kept my old profile data and it migrated nicely to the new OS. I don't know if that was a mitigating factor or not.
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    FYI - there's a thread here on the Pre2 where people have been giving their impressions. In my opinion, it is a great device. Other than wishing it had a bigger screen that was higher resolution (like the Pre3 does or bleeding edge phones like Galaxy Nexus have, with its 720p screen) - I am very pleased with it. It is a much bigger jump in capability (going from a Pre- to Pre2) than the specs alone would indicate.

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