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    I have had ongoing sound issues with my Pre 2. I will receive calls or text msgs with no sound alerts (the white light will flash @ bottom of screen) & then the "missed call" or txt msg will show up.

    The sound on/off button on top if the phone is ON.
    My sounds settings are as follows:
    1.ringer & alerts when switch is off-"vibrate"
    2.Ringer switch on settings:
    ringer & alerts "sound"
    ringtone: dulcimer (have tried several "stock" ringtones")
    3. Ringtone volume-high as it can go
    4. System sounds: On
    5. Volume: high as it can go.

    When I 1st received the phone, I noticed that the phone defaulted to a "medium" (midway) ringtone setting after each call.....the phone is about 3 weeks old.

    I have doctored, I have changed ringtones (have not used/downloaded any special ringtones), no change, no sound.

    IF, I slide the ringtone volume button back/forth (up/down), resetting the volume, the phone will ring the 1st time a call is received but not on subsequent calls.

    When placing on Touchstone or connecting to the charger, no "boing" sound that charging is occurring BUT yellow lightening bolt appears indicating phone is charging & charge increases.

    In other words, NO sounds from the Pre 2 on various levels.

    Should I do a reset, re-doctor? I have added several homebrews, themes, etc...I'm sorry but I have forgotten, do I need to delete those 1st? I'm an old Palm/Pre user who has come thru the generations of needing to wipe everything off, etc...not sure what the protocol is now...
    Thanx in advance...I hope this is something complete stupid that I'm makes it difficult to have phone which you can hear ring or receive an alert!
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    Also started noticing hit or miss vibrate alerts on my Sprint 2 with switch off (which it almost always is). Haven't diagnosed it yet, but will keep in touch as I watch it.
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    I did 2 re-starts on my phone...problem seems resolved now. I have missed one, maybe 2 text alerts, but phone ringtone is now audible. I think it is worse after I switch the off the sound & then turn it back on. Seems like after it's been off, that the phone doesn't ring & the alerts don't come thru...
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    I am having exactly same problem since last few days. Last time alongwith it there was also problem with file indexing which i have now tackled by installing media indexer .Once this problem got resolved by either restarting or deleting the USB drive ,I am not sure by which. this time none of it seems to be working. I have tried restarting,deleting USB drive,changing volume settings,installing different ringtones. I can here the music files, voicechat files,vids very well,only the ringer wont ring, it'll only vibrate. Can anyone plz suggest a solution. I havent doctored it yet.its pre2 US unlocked, using in India.
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    Hey, someone please tell me how to try resolving this issue. Its a bit of problem when it doesnt ring at night when somebody calls. I might have to change my primary phone from Pre2 just for the ringer issue.

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