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    -Mods please move if another thread exists, I searched but did not find-

    I saw the announcement on P/C the other day about backups working again but am still having trouble on my Pre2. It errors out about halfway through the process, is anyone else having issues? trying to determine if i need to visit the doctor.

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    Not working for me either. Hasn't been working since september for me. Last back up says 9/14/2011.
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    Same here in UK. I am being offered the OS update, but I'm nervous about doing it without backing up. Maybe I should do the survival kit thing. I'm also using some preware patches.

    Any tips gratefully received.
    Unlocked Pre2. Last back up says 02/10/2011 which I assume in the UK means October.

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    I've got a Sprintified Pre2 and after reading some posts checked my backup - last one was this morning, so mine is backing up normally.
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    Well, I didn't get around to doing anything and one time I wasn't there to press 'Update later' and it went and did it without me.

    I had tried turning back up off and on to see if it would help, but uncomfortably aware that that would erase the profile, but most of the data was still on the old palm on on 3rd party synergy services, so I crossed my fingers while it upgraded.

    Good news! it backed up, upgraded and now yahoo mail is sync'ing properly and back up works! last sync this morning at 5.30.

    I'd still recommend a 'manual' back up first, but the upgrade seemed to solve everything - except downgrading my patches. Navit also stopped, but and uninstall/reinstall solves it.

    Hope that helps.
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    I've had this problem with my phone before. Every once in a while it will have backup fails. I don't know what it is but anything that signs you out of your palm profile fixes it. So like doing resets or doctors or upgrades fixes it. Whenever you have to do the setup thing that you originally had to do when you got the phone fixes it.

    at least that's my experience with it.
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    Same as @preemptive here: update available, want to backup, backup fails... Going to update anyway, Skype on my pre2 must be awesome!

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