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    I have a Verizon pre2 that I did the Sprint comm board swap on. It was my daily driver on Sprint for a while, but I could not take the HP drama anymore and jumped ship to android. Now, I think it's time to try to sell the pre2... question: since I have activated another phone on my account, can the pre2 be activated on someone else's Sprint account (I will provide the info from the original Sprint pre barcode label)?

    In other words, to sell my pre2, do I need to convert it back to verizon or can I leave it Sprint?
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    It cannot be activated on sprint unless the community board is put back in the Sprint Pre..activated on Sprint...then the board is put in the Pre 2 and the 2.0 metadoctor is run. I recently sold mine and sold the beat up Pre minus with it...worked out well for a new webos user.
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    Ah, I see...thanks for the info. Seems the best course of action is to switch the comm boards back and go from there.
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    I was wondering the same thing when I sold mine... and ended up making it a pre minus again... most people don;t want to oay that extra 10$ data charge that would come with changing phones... even if they see it as another palm pre.... people need to do the pre 2 com swap with their current pre in order to avoid the monthly fee.

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