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    quick question on something that I have never done before. I have a dead pre- and a developer pre2. I wanted to log into my original profile on my pre2, but I don't know if it removes your current apps or does it leave them and install the apps from the other profile? Also, what happens if you bounce back and forth between the two palm profiles?

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    You get a free wipe on both devices and then it will download whatever belongs to whatever profile you signed in with.
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    I had a Pre - and a Developer Pre 2, and last spring finally did the Frankenpre mod, using my original Profile. The end result was that all my old apps from the Pre - transferred over, and they were still available on my old Pre -. The phone on the Pre- obviously no longer works, as it now has the GSM radio in there, but I'm pretty sure the WiFi part works great.
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    With it wiping the device, would that mean I should remove patches & kernel? I was hoping not to have to.. :/

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