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    Being due for an upgrade on 12/12, I'd convinced myself to wait out HP's decision on WebOS until next summer. I was holding out hope that through some miraculous turn of events, a new WebOS phone would be available within a year. That doesn't appear remotely possible now. And, alas, my Pre 2 is limping to the completion of my contract. The accelorometer no longer works and screen stays in portrait mode, no matter the orientation of the phone. I've restarted and done a battery pull numerous times, but no luck. Also, I've had several incidents within the last couple of months where the screen will randomly get all jumbled up with wavy lines and lose all touchscreen responsiveness (even though you can't see anything anyway). The only solution I've found has been to restart over and over again until the boot screen appears without the distortion. I have also found that a good whack on the side of the phone restores the screen. Also, I had family in town a few weeks ago and we were going to out to eat and they were following behind me in their car. We got separated at a light, so I grabbed my phone to give them a call. When I pressed the power button to turn on the screen...nothing (although I had just used the phone a few minutes earlier). The LED notifcation light was lit up but the screen remained black. Opening and closing the slider did nothing. Pressing and holding the power button did nothing. Finally, I pulled the battery and restarted and I was rewarded with the distorted screen I mentioned above. All-in-all, my phone was out of comission for around 45 minutes. Dinner plans were ruined, my family was lost in a strange town and the evening was shot. Yesterday, while returning from out of town for Thanksgiving, I tried to make a call on my phone to tell my ride where I was, but when I pressed the power button to turn on the screen, I was greeted with the big battery icon in the middle of the screen, although the battery had shown 85% just a few minutes earlier. I freaked b/c at my location, I had no other way to get in touch with my ride. I pulled the battery and restarted the phone and several minutes later it finally started up like normal and showed 85% on the battery. As insult to injury, Maps has been a complete fail for me recently. When driving to a meeting for work a couple weeks ago, I entered the address for the location of the club in Charleston, SC but Maps kept asking me "did you mean South Carolina?", and it would then just give me directions to the state capital (Columbia) over 100 miles away. So I searched for the name of the club and it showed up in the Maps search results. When I selected it from the list and clicked to get directions, it did the same thing as above. That said, I haven't been able to get Maps to load for a solid 2 weeks now.

    This all sucks big time b/c I was hoping to just ride my Pre 2 as long as possible. But after having an entire evening with my family totally ruined b/c the screen on my phone randomly decided not to work, my blood was boiling. (as a side note, it's a very sad commentary on how dependent we are on technology!) I seriously comtemplated contacting VZW over the weekend to see about letting my use my upgrade a couple weeks early, but am hoping my Pre 2 can survive 13 more days at least.

    I don't see any point in holding off on the upgrade b/c I know my Pre 2 won't make it another 6 months or year. With HP's delay with deciding on WebOS it's highly unlikely we'll see anything within the next year or 18 months (if we ever do see anything), so I figure I might as well use the upgrade as soon as possible so on the outside chance a new WebOS phone does become available in 18 months or so, I'll be close to the end of my 2 year agreement.

    Overall, a very sad turn of events. It worked great for so long, but the last couple months it just seems to have totally fritzed out on me.
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    What carrier? Can you locate a used Pre2 to replace yours with?
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    If you really have hope for webos making a comeback, then I would get something off ebay/craigslist to get you through another year or so while HP tries to extract their head from their posterior. If, like me, you see the writing on the wall, then I would wait and use your upgrade on a nice new Android phone that you know will eventually get ICS (I'm not going to mention the other option since I am a big apple hater ).
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    My Pre2 is still pretty solid (knock on wood), yet, when the day comes and there is still hope WebOS will resurface some where, I will probably resort to Ebay for another Pre2.

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    I would find a used Pre 2 off contract and wait for BBX early next year :-)
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    mine works great lol.. yours sounds like a night mare. should just get a replacement through the carrier or palm. This is your fault really. You could have easily gottten a replacement when you first started having these problems. Or just buy a new one for 100 bucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giggles View Post
    mine works great lol.. yours sounds like a night mare. should just get a replacement through the carrier or palm. This is your fault really. You could have easily gottten a replacement when you first started having these problems. Or just buy a new one for 100 bucks.
    How is it my fault? I haven't blamed anyone for anything or assigned fault to anyone. Not sure what "fault" you're pinning on me. And I don't go out and immediately replace something the very first time I have a problem with it. It's only recently that I've decided this phone isn't going to make it for the long haul. And, if I own something that totally screws up, that last thing I would do is spend money on the exact same thing. Especially on a cell phone when I'm less than 2 weeks from my upgrade.
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    Galaxy Nexus, here we come...
    VZW Pre 2 on 2.1

    Thanks webOS Internals!

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    Sorry to hear about this; I just got a Pre 2 - and it feels really solid.

    I previously had a Pre+ on contract thru Vzw & they replaced it w/out question when it had an issue..Couldn't you go to a VZW store with a service center and get your phone replaced - even if you decide to replace it in 2 weeks anyway with another eco system?

    If you do decide to get another WebOS phone, I know VZW had a special right now on Pre2s w/ a 2 year contract. It's tempting, but I think the smart money would be to get one off of ebay and keep your options open.
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