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    Just set up my Pre 2, moving from a Pre +. So far everything seems to be working, except I cannot get a 3G signal, only EDGE. 3G works fine on the Pre +, but can't seem to get it to work on the Pre 2. One other item I found was I can't pair my Plantronics bluetooth headset either. I dont expect these are related, but might be worth mentioning.
    Any thoughts??

    (BTW, it is a US model phone, not EU)
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    Fixed ! Actually ModeSwitcher found it. Data was set at 2G ONLY. Changed it to automatic. Not sure actually where that setting is found, but it is on 3G now.
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    This is interesting. I'm having the same problem. Where are you located, btw?
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    Im located in NY. The network setting is in the phone app preferences. "Network Auto-Select" ON.
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    Sorry, wrong preference item. Just below that is "Network Type". That is where the choices are located.

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