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    Hi all, out of nowhere, I stopped receiving sms texts on my Sprint Frankenpre. Since it was sudden, I figured it was Sprint, not my Frankenpre. Sprint guided me through a process, I didn't keep close track with it, but it involved going to the dialpad, typing ##3282# and then a restore code, and then hit "Restore." Then I got ALL my texts back. But I noticed when I shut my phone, it didn't hang up, so whatever they did to restore the phone overrode at least one patch. So I went to Preware opened up Saved Package List, and Updated it, and did an Emergency Patch Recovery. So far, so good. Then I installed all the packages again, and sure enough, no more SMS text, so I did another EPR. Again, right away, the texts came back. I think the conflict is between Sprint's management of network services and certain patches (don't know which ones). Anybody else have this experience?
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    I have had a similar experience, but with the *SENDING* of SMS, not receiving them. I've had this happen a few times and after a few EPRs found that the patch that was making a difference was the Advanced Phone Preferences patch. I have never done a ##3282# routine, FWIW. Good luck.
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    I really wish we could pinpoint this problem. Apparently im having this problem bothways and its very bothersome. I dont have any advanced patches to be causing this i think.
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