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    2 hours ago i was listening my music in the original app music from my palm pre 2 with earphones . Suddenly i wasnīt able to listen music. With the phoneīs speakers everything is ok but when i plug in the earphones i only listen a seems that the volume is very very low almost 0 so there is no problem with the earphones or the jack connector.
    I also erased the phone to factory settings, take the battery off, but the problem is still there.

    can anybody help me?
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    any ideas?
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    i remove the voice dial, no effect
    i used the dr and no effect. i donīt know what to do.
    can anybody help me?
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    i think there must be other option in order to increase the volume. (not the buttons or the sound configuration at system)
    i listen youtube app, games very very low but i canīt use it at music player because with any sound i canīt hear it isnt a problem of hardware (i think)
    I re installed many times with dr. but still there...
    i love this phone but i with this problem i canīt use it.
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    Is it only music or happening for phone call as well?

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    no. The speaker of the phone sounds great, itīs only when i plugin the earphones...
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    Have you tried different earphones?

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