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    I transitioned this w/end from a Pre Plus to a Pre 2. I have 2 things happening, one of which I think is a new feature & the other...not so sure.

    1. The screen will go black after certain gestures & sometimes goes black without any action. EX: Was in text screen, recv'd text, hit the sender's name to call her, screen went black. When I state black, it appears to shut off & the "HP pearl" comes up, about 15 seconds pass & the "home" screen comes back on. This has also happened when I have initially opened an app or new feature of the phone which has previous not been accessed (on new phone). But when it happens after opening an app, it takes longer for it to "reboot."

    2. At times a green (looks like grass) & blue screen will come up. Is this a screen saver..did not have that on the Pre +.

    I do not have a screen protector on the screen. I do not have a special case. And I have doctored already.
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    #2 sounds like the exhibition mode wallpaper seen while on the Touchstone. Tapping while in the default clock exhibition mode alternates between a black, dim background and a slightly out of focus grass and sky.

    Dunno about #1 though.
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    well first off do you have any patches or kernels installed on your device ?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    No patches, no kernals, brand new. Doctored, all apps loaded....seems more & more intermittent. It's almost like when you load new software on a computer & it needs to re-start/re-boot. EX: Downloaded Pandora, once it downloaded, the device went black or re-booted. Once up, I opened Pandora, re-booted again, but a shorter time to re-boot. After the 2 re-boots, has not happened again w/ Pandora. But similar behavior every time I open an app or use a feature for the 1st time. After that...doesn't seem to happen until the next app.

    Then, every now & then, I'll be on the phone talking, end the call, go to tap the bar at the bottom of the screen & it goes black. Re-loads & then I have to end the call.

    Totally WEIRD!!
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    Have returned the phone, waiting on replacement.

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