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    I am not receiving texts, I can send them out ok. Never had this before. Anyone know what I can do to solve the problem.
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    This has now been solved by doing a shut down (not a restart). Tried a restart several times didn't make a difference.
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    This just occurred for me today. I tried restarting and shutting down, neither helped.

    Any other suggestions?
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    what os are you guys running?
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    I started a thread about this in the Pre minus forum, as it started happening to me recently; other users reported the same problem. Outbound texts go fine, but inbounds dont come in at all sporadically. Some ATT users text me, and I get a bunch of squares as the text after a few replies.

    I shutdown, removed battery, restarted, and it seems to ahve cleared the issue. However, unless someone calls or emails me telling that they texted, I will never know if it's really fixed, will I?

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    I really want this to be fixed its annoying. sometims i get paranoid that im not receiving important texts. sometimes i am and sometimes im not. This really needs to be brought to hp attention.

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