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    Hi everyone,

    because I think that not every Veer / Pre2 / Pre owner has also a Touchpad (my app has it's own thread in the touchpad forum:, I will just provide you with some short informations on my app, called ReadOnTouch.

    This app has been optimized for the usage on Veer / Pre2 / Pre. Keep in mind that this optimizations are not included in any other version! But anyhow I could imagine that this app will only work well on the Veer and Pre2. The other devices may be too slow.

    ReadOnTouch PHONE is an on- and offline reader for websites on devices using WebOS 2.1. It uses the free* service.

    Which of us is not familiar with this situation: You've found some really interesting web pages, but you have just no time to read them... That is history with this app! With ReadOnTouch PHONE you can easily access web pages. The app offers an incredibly comfortable way to access stored web pages. The user interface was specifically designed for mobile devices. With ReadOnTouch PHONE, you can both read articles and easily add new web pages to your reading list. The app supports two methods to add new pages: 1.) using the app, 2.) using a patched standard browser (development is currently in progress).

    Read web pages in a special article mode designed to provide a great reading experience on mobile devices! A single tap will open articles in the standard web browser.

    Share articles you like with your friends! ReadOnTouch PHONE can publish links via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-Mail and WebOS Messaging.

    The app is under continuous development and will be improved in future builds. Please contact me directly to provide feedback or suggest a new feature. My email address can be found in ReadOnTouch PHONE's "About" dialog.

    Attention: Your WebOS 2.1 device requires the latest update of the Maps app by HP, to be able to run ReadOnTouch PHONE. Due the new Enyo-Framework on that devices, the app can be really slow and laggy. Just test the also available RearOnTouch FREE before you buy. But be aware: That FREE version is not much optimized for webOS 2.1, performance-wise, but this app is!

    * ReadOnTouch PHONE requires a free account. The service will save articles to read at a later time. If you don't have an account, the app will help you set one up.
    There is also a FREE version of ReadOnTouch available.

    I've attached some screenshots from a Pre2.

    For more informations, just visit my site or add the feed to your feed reader:

    If you have any questions or comments, please just ask.

    Best regards,
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