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    I received the used VZW Pre2 I purchased on eBay in the mail yesterday. I'm very happy with the quality of the auction piece -- not a scratch anywhere on it. I've spent the last 20-some hours tinkering and configuring it. This phone is replacing my Pre+. I had planned to keep it at stock speed, but due to confusion over the kernels (see my thread on that here) I've got it set at 1.1 ghz.

    Here's my quickie review of the phone:


    -It's noticeably quicker than my Pre+. Bear in mind that I only overclocked my phone to 800 mhz, but it seems like more of a difference than 200 mhz. I guess this is due to the faster memory in the Pre2. I'm very happy with the speed. It's peppy like webOS should have been to begin with!

    -The phone just LOOKS nicer than my old Pre+. My wife recently swapped her Pre+ out for an iPhone 4s. She loved her Pre+ but it didn't do what she needed it to do anymore. When I showed her my Pre2 I honestly think she was jealous. She took it from me and said "wow... this is nice". Then, she proceeded to play with it for 15 minutes. I finally had to almost forcibly take it from her so I could finish my configuring of patches, etc.

    -I love the glass display. I know the resolution on this phone is the same as the Pre+, but the glass just makes it looks better. The glass is also more responsive than the plastic.


    -The famous Palm build quality issue came up for me. The slider on this phone is much more wiggly than I expected it would be. I wouldn't exactly call it an "oreo", but it has more play back and forth when closed than my Pre+ or my wife's. When open, it's not bad. I'm worried about it getting twisted further while in my pocket, due to the rubber on the back and front getting "caught" going the opposite directions (the old Pre+ front would have just slid because it didn't have any rubbery feel to it.

    -I do wish I could get this phone to fit in my AGF case properly. I'm currently trying to trim the case down, but I haven't gotten it just right yet. I wanted to keep the phone "naked" but I'm nervous about it given the slider wiggle.

    With the exception of the slider being looser than it should, I'm very happy with my purchase. This phone is absolutely an upgrade over the Pre+, and thus should be a significant upgrade over the Pre-. If you're looking to stay in the webOS world, pick one up on eBay!
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    Additional PROS:

    -The 3g radio seems to be stronger than on my Pre+. I'm sitting in an area right now where I could never get a consistent 3G signal, but my Pre2 is chugging away at 3G like it's no problem.

    -The battery life definitely seems to be improved.

    Additional CONS:

    -The screen is a grime magnet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smmullen View Post
    Additional CONS:

    -The screen is a grime magnet.
    Amen! My minus wasn't half this finger-print-magnety. Still, less scratchable and more shine-able.

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