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    I have a Verizon Pre2 now a Sprint Frankenpre2. I'm recently having an issue where when I plug in headphones to the headphone jack, the Voice Dial app will automatically start. The real problem is that after this happens I lose the ability to stream audio via Tunein. If I try to stream before I plug into the headphones it works fine via the external speaker but as soon as I plug into the headphone jack and the Voice Dial app starts, I can no longer stream audio with TuneIn either via headphones or the external speaker.
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    The voicedial app has a bad habit of crashing system sounds. They come back if you reboot the phone (I think a Luna restart will do it). Fortunately, the outstanding webOS community figured out a way to remove the voice dial app. I don't have the link, but if you do a Google search for "remove voice dial webos" I'm sure you'll find it. It's not terribly difficult ... certainly less so than making a FrankenPre.

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