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    It's interesting that you left negative feed back and had you accounts shut down. It's most likely because alltechwholesale is the resale account for ebay instant sale that is run by CEXchange. So essentially you mess with ebays little brother big brother is going to get you back.
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    Weird. I didn't have an issue with alltechwholesale when I purchased a backup Pre- in case I screwed up my FrankenPre2 conversion. Fast shipping, and his description of the phone said it was in rough shape (I just needed the internals), and when I got it, the thing looked brand new.

    Sorry to hear others had issues, to the OP, glad to hear you're up and running with the new (real) Pre 2!
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    I've only bought one item from them but I was very satisfied. It was not a perfect phone and its condition was properly described.
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    I too have had a poor experience with alltechwholesale, after I returned two handsets minor issues. I've bought numerous phones from they over the years, without issue, and have reccomended them to friends in the past and might still do so, but the phones I bought were imperfect, operationally, and were returned with the mentioned return period, now they won't allow me to buy from them. Either they have a 30 day return, or they don't.
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