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    Maybe I am missing something, but bing kinda sucks...

    1. Can't find a way to get directions from my location. Is this a function on Bing?

    2. Can't seem to pinpoint (at all) my location on bing maps... no pin or dot at all

    Man I'm ticked! Any help would be greatly appreciated though. Thank you!
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    Hmm. I think if you answer #2, #1 will be taken care of.

    As for #2, I don't know... mine just works. It can take a couple seconds to lock on GPS, but then there's the blue dot showing where I am just fine.

    If it's locked, tapping the crosshair in the upper right will pan the map to your location. Otherwise, something funny w/ GPS.

    Are your location services turned on?

    If you dial ##GPS# (##477#) on the phone's dialpad, then hit "Get Fix," does the phone get a GPS position? (I think it's #*GPS# on non-CDMA devices.)

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