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    My Verizon Pre+ was on its last legs (cracking screen, rigged power button and chunk out of the USB hole/flap), so I decide to get some insurance and picked up a used Verizon Pre2 on eBay. After seeing wife switch to an Android phone after her Pre+ became unusable (Stuck Mic/Headset/Speaker settings made calls impossible), I decide I am not ready to abandon the WebOS ecosystem yet. Seeing her experience, made me decide for me the grass is not yet greener on the other side.

    Anyway using “The Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device” ( I successful migrated my profile and data from my Pre+ to the Pre2. I made one mistake, prior to erasing my Pre+ and I took it out of airplane mode and it promptly reset itself. Now my Pre+ will not allow me to fully boot into the regular screen until I complete the setting up a Palm Profile. It appears I cannot complete this unless the phone is actively on the Verizon network.

    The two main reasons I would like to regain full access to my old Pre+, is to retrieve the bookmarks that failed to transfer to my Pre2 and fully wipe the data and profile from the phone.

    I thinking of attempting the following:

    1) Placing my new Pre2 in airplane mode (off network)
    2) Reactivating my old Pre+ on the Verizon network for my current phone #
    3) Completing the profile setup using my current Palm Profile
    4) Retrieve old bookmarks then properly wiping my Pre+
    5) Transferring my current Verizon phone # back to my Pre2
    6) Taking my new Pre2 out of airplane mode (on network)

    My question is if I reactivate the Pre+ on my current phone #, in order to complete setting up the Palm Profile, will it have any repercussions on my current Pre2 profile?

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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    Bookmarks should have been backed up IIRC. None-the-less, use the Palm bypass activation tool to get past that prompt.

    You're so dedicated to the webOS ecosystem yet this is your first post? Come on :-P
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