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    I should have my Pre 2 in the mail to arrive Friday or Saturday. If my Frankenpre2 goes correct, I just wondered how the battery life is vs an overclocked 1ghz pre minus?

    I have to have the seidio extended back to live with my Pre overclocked now, but was hoping the Pre2 would last a fair tad longer?

    How does it compare to all of you vs the pre minus w/ the original battery?
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    Lasts the same. Pre2 has very sporadic battery life episodes where on some days it will give me 3-4% per hour (idle) battery life, while other times it will spike to 8-12% per hour (idle).

    Glitch with the sleep function and some driver if I remember correctly. I guess you will have to find out on your own if you need the extended battery.



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