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    I try to keep Facebook with just friends, but you know how this works, you add people because they are fiends with your friends and we all went partying, someone from high school who was your friend but you no longer stay in touch (not even on Fb) or you just get tired of people you had on it.
    So I did a clean up of "friends" I never talk to at all or people who doesn't even post interesting things or anything at all.

    All the contacts are still in my phone and you can't delete facebook contacts. It updates and adds every new person I add to Facebook but it won't delete all contacts.

    Any ideas besides deleting the Fb account? I spent literally hours getting them all together and *un-linking*/fixing some of them, I refuse to have to do this again
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    Have you tried just waiting a day or two? Facebook isn't at all quick to sync in my experience.

    Edit: ...although if that's the case, you can initiate a "Sync Now" in the preferences/accts in the Contacts app.
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    how about ex-scoundrels or villains
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    Give the phone a day or two to resync. Facebook sync on webOS is slow acting. You could also abuse the "Sync now" function, but I dont know if it will work.

    I know for me (if I recall correctly), webOS is pretty smart when it comes to linking where I could delete an account and readd it and have it remember my linked contacts.

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    No day or two, this started happening months ago and it still does.

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