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    anyone else's Pre 2 performance gone down the tubes?

    Granted mine is a FrankenPre2 on Sprint, but before that the thing ran with barely an issue like some have had when having to doctor it over. Since that time I've had:

    -numerous times it has simply frozen up requiring a battery pull

    -touchscreen just stops responding but can still type

    -power button won't turn on or off the screen

    -text messages not coming in and then a bunch all at once quite some time later

    -phone not receiving some calls / straight to vm which I then get a text from Youmail alerting me to the missed call

    -pretty big jump in battery drain, even when not in use and I've tried different kernels and settings to see if it improves and find no change

    I'm sure there are more, but that's off the top of my head & prior to the update I had great performance and really none of the above issues....

    thoughts? Solutions.... ?
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    For me its been power. Battery would easily last over a day with 3G data turned on. The day I install the Bing Maps the battery lasts about 10 hours if that. I now have to run the phone in 2G most of the time to make it go a full day.
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    Is this a pre 2 issue or a frankenpre 2 issue, or just coincidence? I am thinking of doing a frankenpre 2 and looking for any issues I may run into.
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    I've installed Bing Maps and haven't noticed any issues. I'm using a north american GSM Pre 2 in Australia on the Vodafone network.
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    EU Pre2 user here. Haven't seen any changes in phone behaviour since the update.
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    No change here,pre2.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    well since I got that 2nd "update available" and hit install my maps turned into google maps. No issues with performance but the google maps takes 10 yrs to open and run compared to the Bing maps did. When it was the Bing version i had no issues either. Although my Frankenpre 2 is fresh n new.
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    I have a Pre 2 (WebOS 2.1.0) still with google maps.

    My performance has been doooown for months now. I couldn't figure out if it was an app or what or the Catalog update, because it started happening after that.

    - Biggest issue are text messages (SMS):
    * when I send out the whole phone freezes until it is send (before only the messaging app turn laggy while sending)
    * and also it gets stucked for 1 second or 2 or 3 when I get a new message.
    * on 2 ocassions I didn't get ANY messages for about 12 hours and I thought it was weird how nobody answered me, so I did a reboot and all of them showed up
    - Sometimes I tap the phone and it gets stuck on the ripple animation for about 5 seconds.
    - When I close an app it gets stuck for a second as well
    - Apps sometimes blink about 10 times before openning.
    - After I make a call, sometimes it takes about 10 seconds to show up on the call log.
    - There had been 2 times when I had to remove the battery.

    One more thing, I notice using Govnah that the CPU Frecuency rarely goes down to 300 MHz now and I haven't changed anything on Govnah. I'm looking at now, all other apps are closed and it is doing 1GHz and has only come down to 300 MHz 5 brief times

    Any ideas [besides doctoring it]
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    I've had more problems lately as well, but I've not payed close enough attention to be able to list them out. just a higher level of frustration. if I like the Pre 3 that arrives tomorrow I won't be coming back to the Pre 2, but if the 3 is too large then I just might doctor the 2 before moving back into it. we'll see.

    I've seen reference in other threads to freeTether potentially affecting performance - I recently turned off my Mobile HotSpot service and started using it more, so not sure if that was part of my problem.

    good luck I hope it gets better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by soltrance View Post
    Biggest issue are text messages (SMS): When I send out the whole phone freezes until it is sent, also it gets stucked for 1 second or 2 or 3 when I get a new message. On 2 ocassions I didn't get ANY messages for about 12 hours
    Weeks ago I suffered exactly the same symptoms, which went away with a reboot. No problems since. I wasn't using any complicated app or patch, just bad luck I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shrxwin View Post
    I've seen reference in other threads to freeTether potentially affecting performance
    I use it maybe once a month, so I doubt this is the cause of the problem

    Quote Originally Posted by jcmarcos View Post
    Weeks ago I suffered exactly the same symptoms, which went away with a reboot.
    I've reboot the phone dozens of times, in fact I now do it once every couple of days if not it'll get stuck more easily.
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    I have a fresh frankenpre and I was having issues with the battery draining really fast and the phone running warm. I installed jSTop and turned on garbage collection and it went way. Might want to give that a try?
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    EU Pre 2 here, after the update noticed that typing in an email leads to periodic freezes where it lags for a bit then catches up displaying the text afterwards.

    Also noticed that the CPU rarely goes down to 300mhz anymore according to Govnah. Battery drain seems to have increased too. Thinking of just doctoring back to 2.1 and have no functional maps at all...

    Last thing is I used to get network updates from O2 in a 'reboot screen' like pop up, now the message just opens a new card. I suppose it's actually less intrusive but it's not as pretty.
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    I had not noticed the CPU not dropping to 300 MHz till I read this thread.
    Went and looked, sure enough it was the same for me.

    As an experiment, I installed Uber Kernel, rebooted, set profile to 1.1 on demand and then back default.
    Then re-installed the Palm default Kernel and rebooted again.
    Now it seems to be working just fine.

    May want to give it a try and see if it works for you.
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    Text messages issues here. Sometimes I get nothing for the entire day then I do a reset and get every message thats been sent to me that day in one big blast. Also sometimes MMS fails to send...or it looks that way but it actually sends it so I end up sending 2 or 3 pictures to the same person. but it only shows up once on my screen
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    Just notice that my franken pre 2 also gotten slower.

    Checked Govnah an it's down to 300 MHz. Tried running Garbage collector which helps speed it up for a bit but it slows down again. Only problem I seem to have with txt msgs are sending them. I have to hit the send image a few times to send it off, and then it ask to me to send a picture because I hit it so many times.

    Switching Kernels didn't work for me so I'm going to try to go back to 1.1 Ghz. Didn't receive another prompt for an update to 2.1.

    Anyone has anymore suggestions besides the doctor?

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