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    I just received my Pre 2 (it is an unlocked ATT) and have been told by
    Bell technical support it is incompatible. He had entered the MEID into their compatibility
    web page which said it is incompatible.
    This conflicts with the results from the testing done at the Bell store which confirmed
    it as compatible.

    What can I do to resolve this? Do I need to go to rogers?
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    Tell them your IMEI is 111111111111119, and give them the SIM card number.

    EDIT - Hang on, AT&T never released the Pre 2. Are you sure you don't have the Euro version? Is your model number P102UNA?
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    It is, in fact, a P102UNA.
    I may be mistaken that it is a ATT unit.

    Right now I have an activated SIM, but not service.
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    All is good I put in the APN and I have data path now
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