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    Hello yall.

    Well I all but gave up on Web OS with the announcement HP made that Web OS was dead. BUT, I just got a brand new Palm Pre 2 unlocked for $20 while I was in China for business two weeks ago.

    Now, I haven't activated the phone yet do to just getting home yesterday, but my question is do I have to have a data plan to get the phone to work at all?

    I want to give this phone to my son but only for phone service and text messages. I don't want him having access to the internet for "teenager" reasons.

    Is this possible with Web OS? I spoke to T-mobile and they said if I bring my own phone to the network that I don't have to pay for the data package. I just need to know if the phone will even work without a data package.

    Can someone help Me?
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    No one knows? Oh darn. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME! hA HA
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    if you haven't activated it, you'll need data for that. Besides that the phone works fine. Just turn off data (dialer app, pulldown menu, preferences&accounts, data usage off). This won't stop him from getting WiFi access.
    ps. I would love to get a spare pre2 for $20 for testing.
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    I greatly appreciate the response. I won't be going back to China for at least six months. Sorry Charlie!

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