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    I very much like my pre 2. I use jogstats for my running program. It's always been my assumption that once the program boots up and gets the appropriate gps fix, and begins to time the run, once the screen goes dark, I don't need to worry about pocket dialing or miscellaneous app selection. That, or so my memory tells me, is how my pre plus worked. But with the pre 2, even though I have the screen display set for 30 seconds, the screen has gone appropriately dark, when I throw my pre 2 in my pocket and go out for my run, I find when my run is finished all sorts of odd things--including phone numbers pocket dialed, various random apps in card form displayed and, today, for the first time, somehow the phone stopped and saved my jog stats program half way through my run.

    It's really odd. And now that I think about it, I think I've had a couple of pocket dialing episodes where I just assumed I had put the phone in my pocket before the screen went dark; I'm now thinking that's not the case.

    Has this been an issue for others? Does anyone have a suggestion?

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    Nope. Maybe its too close and on contact with your skin?

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