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    I'm deciding on what phone to upgrade to and have narrowed it down to these two options. I would mainly use it for texting,web browsing and games/apps. Which would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance for any help
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    the iPhone 4s because its not blackberry and it isn't dying. And the apps are better and more of them. I have a pre 2 and I love webOS. I even got a touchpad because I think its so great. But getting an iPhone is the way to go at this point
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    I'd probably have to agree. While I have a Pre 2 and absolutely love it (it's what my Pre Plus always should have been), I'd agree that the iPhone 4S is a better way to go in the long (contract) run.

    Now if the Pre 3 were actually available, I'd say jump on that. I'm still waiting on the price of the VZW one to come down (the AT&T sure did drop quickly on ebay, but I assume that's because they are more plentiful that the VZW ones).
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    Wow iPhone sneaks its way into a thread that wasn't even one of the choices lol.

    Still has no keyboard. Both choices from OP are physical keyboard phones.

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    I worked for RIM for years, and this isn't the time to buy a 2 generation old BlackBerry. If you aren't buying a 9900 or perhaps the newer Torch, just skip it entirely. The 9700 was originally designed as an OS 5 device from late 2009, though you could run OS 6 on it if you didn't mind having almost no free memory left. Nevermind the fact that BB OS 5, OS 6, and OS 7 are all basically the same thing as OS 4.5 with some tweaks, you're looking at a 5+ year old operating system that looked old when it was new. Web browser is horrible (only got webkit in OS 6) and is really slow, not to mention the memory management issues since you lack any on OS 6 on a 9700. App World is very meh. You're really no better off than HP/Palm's catalog other than the OS is slightly more alive with far more users; you'll have too little free memory to have much if you go to OS 6 for the browser.

    Unless you desperately need BBM or BES support, avoid. It is not a modern consumer-oriented product that is competitive with what else is out there today.

    I'm not familiar enough with any Pre's pre-Pre 3 (HA! see what I did there? ) to say you shouldn't get that either. If you're looking for a modern smartphone with a physical keyboard, there are a few inexpensive ones running Android, and one or two WP7 phones you should be able to get without too much cost. Depends what country you live in.
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    Well I dont know why some people wanted to just interject their iphone opinions in here. But From the 2 you have obviously the best choice is a pre2. functions better and faster and more thens you can do. Unlesss you perfer blackberrys for their business and reliability(battery life)
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    I would recomend you to:
    a) try to buy a Pre3, which are cheaper everyday on eBay.
    b) Go for a Bold 9900 which has a more decent resolution and camera.

    If you had to choose NOW go with the Pre2, just because is a good phone with better screen and 5MP camera. The 9700 soon more outdated
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