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    Does anyone have a solution for getting text/MMS messages to send/receive on the unlocked Palm Pre 2 with Simple Mobile $40/mo Unlimited Voice/Text/Web plan? I've tried everything and all but MMS works!
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    The solution is this:

    1) Tap Phone icon
    2) Turn on Manual Settings
    3) Tap Edit Network Settings
    4) For Internet APN, make sure the word "simple" (without the quotes) is in the text box. Leave Username and Password blank.
    5) For MMS APN, specify "simple" (without the quotes), leave Username and Password blank.
    6) MMS Properties are: For MMSC, " For MMS Proxy,, For Max Size, 300
    7) Tap Change Settings and continue to save settings despite the two or three windows that report anything "invalid."
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    @GHanosh, I tried the solution that you have above and it didnt work. I cant send pictures as text or email. I am so frustrated, I have been trying from this morning and nothing every time I send a picture to my girlfriend phone, it comes back. Is there anything else I can do. I have contacted Simple Mobile but they can not help me either. Does anyone out there knows Simple Mobile data configuration settings for palm pre 2? Please help.
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    Jul Jul, I have a Pre 2 on Simple and I have MMS working. The settings are as follows: APN will be "simple" (lower case and no quotes) Username & Password leave blank. MMSC is "" (again, no quotes) Proxy leave blank. Max Size - 300. After you do all that, hit "change settings" and it will say it's invalid. Hit "set up anyway" and save. BTW, Simple Mobile absolutely sucks as far as speeds, I will be trying out h2o soon and I'll post my results.
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    Definitely post your results. I am dropping Verizon Wireless for good on the 25th of January, and I'm taking my Palm Pre 2 to either Simple Mobile or H20.

    I will never use VZW or AT&T do to their absolutely over priced services.

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